About Stanlow Pallets Ltd.

Who are we?

Stanlow Pallets Ltd. was formed in 1983 by Mr S Ferris and Mr T Evens to provide a pallet supply service to Liverpool and surrounding areas. Identifying early on that pallet recylcing and distribution was a more ecofriendly alternative to burning and /or landfill of broken or worn pallets, they quickly embarked on a venture to recycle and repair all pallets.

This aproach ensured valuable investment and resources were saved, and better prices for their customers could be achieved. With cashback options for both large and small pallet users this ensures that costs are kept to a minimum.

Factor in our pallet collection service, specialising in the collection and disposal od scrap pallets. In todays economic environment the option of eco-friendly approach is very much at the forefrunt of our business. With partnerships formed with local recycling companies you can sure your scrap, waste and unwanted pallets are re-utlised for use or used in chipboard manufacture etc.

This means Stanlow Pallets Ltd. operate a 99% recyclable policy.


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Stanlow Pallets Ltd.
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